Pub's Artist in Residence!

How many artists am I the envy of, I wonder?! Ok, so I haven't literally moved in, as I live just up the road. I play my fiddle and drink beer as regularly as possible at The Maypole ( and have been offered wall space to hang some of my work. So after months of scanning, printing and framing, I now have my own small exhibition in place -amazing how quickly a wall swallows up what seems to be a lot of frames!

My local printer has made and professionally framed some large pieces for me, the largest a metre long original-sized canvas print of 'The day we met the lovely collie and picked up lots of litter'; and I have postcards in recycled and re-used frames for just a few pounds.

It's an experiment for all of us - we'll see how it goes. I'd like to make it a long-term project and produce some site-specific work documenting life in Thaxted, in the true naive/outsider tradition. I guess it depends on how much beer ends up on the work!