Welcome to my dog-shaped space

"They were freebooters, anarchists, mystery-mongers, a condemned and cursed race of people, who painted from inner necessity. They gave body to their dreams, created a reality which was denied them in real life" - Anatole Jakovsky, in Naive Painting, Phaidon Press 1976

Hallo and thanks for taking the time to visit my website. I make narrative art which has an otherworldly, dream-like quality. My subjects are my dreams, the land, and life where I live.

My PhD is in Analytical Psychology - the work of Jung - dreams, myth, and how we represent ourselves through images using both verbal and non-verbal symbols. My interest in different forms of conscious and unconscious experience is reflected in the work I make.

I work in mixed media on very fine-grained surfaces such as hot-pressed paper made in the UK, found surfaces and canvas boards. I favour inks, pencil, and make many of my own paints from Suffolk chalks, rocks, vegetable blacks, natural ochres and earths dug out of the ground, some from the 7,000 year old Clearwell ochre mines. My method is laborious, often including countless layers of paint, and my large pieces take months to make. Each piece represents a chunk of my life and what concerns me at the time.

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